What are we here for? To sell you cool stuff, whether is be through our website, our shop, or out a festival! We are absolutely dedicated to helping you find and enjoy our wonderful products. Feel free to contact us through this website if you have any questions. You may also call our shop, located in Downtown Asheville, North Carolina with questions and we will be happy to answer them.

To contact our retail shop:

Indo Apparel and Gifts

9 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801


For Your Information - we do our best to recylce whatever we can. If you get your package and find it has packing peanuts or vast amounts of shredded paper, don't get mad, get happy, it's all reused. Peanuts are recycled from our wholesalers, our shredded paper packaging is our junk mail, and the plastic jammed in the box is reused. We invested the $15.00 and bought a 5 page shredder. Voila! Free packaging! You would not believe how much packing paper junk mail produces! It's kind of disturbing but we put it to good use....maybe you can too?!?! We look foward to hearing from you! Have a Grateful Day!